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"The radio was always playing." That's how simply Ryan Knight described his musical education growing up in Mapleton, a small farming community along Iowa's western border. "Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, I couldn't get enough. They made me nostalgic for places I've never been."


Knight has made his living making strangers feel the same way about his music. Americana music is root-sy and melodic, filling the sonic space somewhere between Folk, Rock, and Country. Ryan has settled into his place as one of the premier up and coming Americana acts the Twin Cities has to offer. Over the last year, Knight has been working nonstop on his debut album. He's also playing shows every chance he gets, always working to make a connection with his audience.


His music has been described as emotional, folk storytelling with enough rock-n-roll edge to break your heart and pull it back together in a matter of minutes. "It's about characters for me. Songwriting has always been a way to tell a story, some good and some bad but the story has to be solid for me to inspire myself or an audience"

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